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Custom Work


   Decorative . . . pretty things for your table


 (set of 4)              AS-105     
$35.00              Click herePurchase Coasters  to buy           
The raised rims prevent condensation from

dripping on your  furniture, and the cork feet prevent scratches. Wide enough to hold a wine bottle.

Napkin Rings
 (set of 4)       AS-60
$18.00               Click herePurchase Napkin Rings  to buy
Modeled from our 3-coil mug handles, the napkin
rings coordinate with your Union Stoneware
place settings.       


8" Trivet                       TL-39
$27.50                 Click herePurchase 8" Trivet  to buy 

Trivets made to coordinate with  our
bakeware.  The rim is raised for easy lifting
and the ribbed pattern on the bottom protects
your table from heat.

6" Trivet
$22.00                   Click herePurchase 6" Trivet  to buy   

6" Vase                                 AS-30
$26.50                    Click herePurchase 6" Vase  to buy       

A classic vase.  Just the right size to display
your cut flowers with flair.
   6 1/4" high x 3 3/4" at top    

Small Vase                        AS-29
$19.50                     Click herePurchase Small Vase  to buy    
We call this our "spring flower" vase.  The little
ink bottle shape is perfect for wild flowers, dried
flowers or the treasured bunch of  dandelions
picked by a child.

   3 3/4" high x 3 1/4" wide

Small Candlesticks               AS-57
$35.00      3" h          Click herePurchase Small Candlesticks  to buy   
Tall Candlesticks (not shown)        AS-58 
    4" h             Click herePurchase Tall Candlesticks  to buy
Our candlesticks are defined by a simple, upswept
curve that draws your eye to the candle flame.

Oil Light                             AS-44
$31.00                       Click herePurchase Oil Light  to buy    
An ideal way to light the dinner table or the picnic table.
Comes complete with a glass chimney and replaceable
oil cartridge.

   6 1/2"
Oil Candle                           AS-92
$20.00                       Click hereItem Discontinued  to buy 
A wick-type oil lamp that adds a warm accent
anywhere in the home.  Great for scented oil.
   5 1/2" h



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