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       Cups & Mugs
   Union Stoneware's cups, mugs (and all things with handles), are made to
   with-stand a lot of abuse.  The handles are comfortable, they don't break easily,
   the rims don't  chip easily...and the glaze makes cleaning a snap.
   All field tested by our teenage dishwashers.

 Small Mug      CP-03
    $19.50                    Click here  to buy
This 10 oz. mug  can use a saucer or not.  It is
the standard mug in a dinnerware set.  3"
h x 3 1/2w"

 Mug Saucer      PL-35 
   $9.50                     Click here  to buy
This saucer can be used with the small
or regular mug.


 Mug    CP-41    
    $21.50                       Click here  to buy
Taller than the small mug, it holds 15 oz...
A great all-purpose mug, at home anywhere
from the dinner table to the office. 

3 1/2"h x 3 1/2w
The mug saucer, PL-35, also fits this mug.

 Tea Cup       CP-01
$19.50                   Click here  to buy
Styled to please, this cup is just the right size
for tea or coffee in a more formal setting.
 8 oz      3"h x 4 w"

Tea Saucer    PL-02  
$9.50                       Click here  to buy

 Coffee Cup & Saucer  

Click here  to buy 
An alternative coffee cup for those folks that
like a more traditional cup (rather than a mug)
 3"h x 4 w" 10 oz

 Demitasse & Saucer   
$25.00                      Click here  to buy
For those of us who love espresso, this cup is the
way to go!   A wonderful choice as a small child's
teacup.  3 oz



 Chowder Mug    CP-04  
Click here  to buy
The casual way to serve chowder, soup, chili ...
Holds 15oz.   Paired with the luncheon plate it makes
a great soup and sandwich combo. 
     15 oz.         3"h x 4

 Soup Cup     CP-68 
Click here  to buy
Another way to enjoy soup (or ice cream!)  It holds a
a tiny bit more than the Chowder Mug.  Also, great for
latte or cafe au lait.                16 oz.

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