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     Mixing Bowls and Baking Essentials

              Enjoy the simple pleasure of using 
       bowls  that do their jobs well ... classic
      deep mixing bowl shape

These three bowls make a set of nesting
bowls, and all are essential tools in any

kitchen.  Their substantial weight makes
mixing a joy.  They stay put on the counter,
won't chip easily and are a dream to clean.

Small Mixing Bowl
  $39.50                Click here  to buy  
1 qt.  3 3/4" h x 7" w   
Medium Mixing  Bowl        BL-19
  $47.50            Click here  to buy
   2 qt.   4 1/2" h x 81/2" w        
Large Mixing  Bowl             BL-89         
  $74.00                 Click here  to buy
   4 qt.    5 3/4" h x 10" w



Our casseroles feature a wide flared rim and an
ample knob for easy handling and a fully glazed
interior for easy cleaning.  The dense stoneware
insures even heating, and the domed lid recirculates
the juices to keep food moist and flavorful.

Large Casserole               BK-95         
$150.00           Click here  to buy         
An extra large casserole for  larger gatherings or
parties.   5+ qt. capacity  6
3/4"h x 11 3/4" w

$85.00            Click here  to buy
Our regular size casserole will cook enough to
serve 4 to 6 people and look great on the table.
   2 qt. capacity
  6 1/4"h x 10"w

Covered Server              BK-126               
  $59.50                Click here  to buy
Use as a 1 or 2 person casserole or as a vegetable
server. For recycling in action, fill with leftovers and
warm them in the microwave.

  1 qt. capacity   4 3/4"h x 7 1/2"w

 Beanpot                         BK-56                   
$109.00                       Click here  to buy
A classic New England beanpot meant for long, slow cooking in the oven.  Of course it will cook up to
2 pounds of dried beans, but it also makes an
exquisite slow cooked stew.  We have also heard
of them being used as rather impressive cookie jars.

   6 qt. capacity   8"h x 9"w

 These straight- sided shallow baking dishes are
just the answer for baking a cobbler, a tart or a quiche
and a great way to present baked chicken or fish.

 9" Baker
$47.50              Click here  to buy
 2"h. x 9" inside dia.          
7" Baker
$42.00              Click here  to buy
 2"h. x 7" inside dia.      
Deep Baker                     BK-25            
  $49.50             Click here  to buy
A deep, straight-sided, open baking dish for
casseroles and souffles or any dish that requires
a top crust or browning.
3/4"h. x 8 1/2" dia.     


Custard Cup
                    BK-36                             $14.00             Click here  to buy
Use this little baking cup for custards, pudding,
flan or any other individually baked dessert.  We
also use them for dipping sauces.
  3"h. x 3 1/2"w.

Pie Pan                         BK-22           
   $46.50             Click here  to buy
A 9" size classic pie pan for a 6 cup pie.  The even
heating stoneware bakes a beautiful bottom crust.  
1 1/2"h. x 10 1/2" dia.


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